How to get to Tokyo from Narita airport


Hello everyone, I’m Daiki, purely Japanese.

I have been staying near Narita airport for more than 20 years.


Narita airport is the biggest international airport in Japan.

This is in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo.

Around 38 million people use this airport in a year.


Today, I’ll tell you how to get to Tokyo from here for the tourists!


1.The bus


There are some public transports but if you are looking for reasonable way, I recommend you choose the bus.


There are three terminals here.

Each terminal has bus stops and 16 types of buses are available.


As you can see below, compared to other transportations, buses are the cheapest one.


【Express Train】 3020yen(25$)

【Sky liner】 2470yen(25$)

【Bus】 900~1000yen(10$)

(To the Tokyo station)


In addition, there are buses which have wi-fi and restroom.


You can buy a bus ticket here, just in front of the arrival gate.



no need to transfer

can use midnight


×traffic jam





If you are looking for the fastest way, you should choose Keisei Skyliner.


【Express Train】60min



(To the Nippori station that is located in the center of Tokyo)


Skyliner is the fastest train except for Shinkansen that is known as the bullet train in Japan.

You can save more than 20 minutes compared to others.



reserved seat(you can absolutely have a seat)


×more expensive than buses



3.Express train


Exact name is Narita Express.

You can get on this train at the railway station that is located in the underground of this airport.


reserved seat

directly access to main station such as Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama.

new railway vehicle(spacious, comfortable)


×not so fast but expensive



4.Rapid train


It takes about 90 minutes to Tokyo station.

It costs 1200 yen (12$).


You can go to Yokohama directly


×not reserved seat

×not so cheap, not fast



Please choose the best way depending on your destination!


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Daiki Shibata

Daiki Shibata